Fillmore County Hospital Auxiliary


To provide volunteer service and assist in any movement which has for its object the welfare of the Fillmore County Hospital.
Organized in the spring of 1961, this organization continues to support the Fillmore County Hospital in serving the needs of the people of Fillmore County and the surrounding area. Meetings are held quarterly in the Hospital Conference Room on the first Monday of January, April, July and October at 2p.m. Annual dues of $5 to be paid each January to any officer.

Current Officers

Marsha Jorgensen, President
Donna Best, Vice President
Jan Myers, Secretary
Joan Ackland, Treasurer
Lisa Hopken, Director of Nursing
Joni Dunker, Hospital Representative
Rosalie Kleinschmidt, Scholarship Chairman

Service Projects

Organizing Monthly Tray Favors (Chairman: Lorelei Edwards)
Caps for newborns (Made by Jo Renken)
Pillows for hospitalized children (Made by Helen Cellar)
Pillows for Patients' comfort (Made by JoAnn Heath)
Healthcare Scholarship (Contact: Rosalie Kleinschmidt)
Annual Fall Salad Luncheon & Card Party Fundraiser
Annual Fall Bake Sale & Breakfast Fundraiser
Star of Health
Crocheted/knitted blankets for newborns (Made by Jo Jones & Diane Heath)
May Appreciation Tea for all employees
Blankets for newborns (Made by Ann Vodicka & JoAnn Heath)

If you are interested in joining or learning more about the organization, contact Loydeen Stengel at 627-7275 or any Town Chairman.
Geneva: JoAnn Heath - 759-3710
Shickley: Carol Grote - 627-3415
Strang: Pat Headrick - 759-4857
Milligan: Lydia Tucker - 629-4369
Exeter: Marsha Jorgensen - 366-9417
Ohiowa: Louise Wulf - 295-2578
Employee Chairman: Joni Dunker - 759-2684

Fillmore County Hospital Auxiliary Constitution


The name of this organization shall be the Fillmore County Hospital Auxiliary.


The objective of this organization is to provide volunteer service and assistance for the welfare of the Family Health Services/Fillmore County Hospital.


Any woman of this county may become a member of this organization upon payment of the dues.


A. The officers of this organization shall be president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. The community of each corporate town or city shall be represented by one committeewoman. These officers, together with the committeewomen, shall constitute the executive board.
B. The annual election and installation of officers shall be held during the first meeting of the year. Each community shall appoint its own committeewoman.


A. Term of office of all officers shall be two (2) years with an option to run for a second two-year term.
B. Length of service in any one office shall be limited to four (4) consecutive years.
C. The election of the president and the treasurer shall be held in odd-numbered years.
D. The election of the vice-president and secretary shall be held in even-numbered years.


A. The president shall preside at all meetings, appoint all committees and perform such duties as pertain to her office.
B. The vice-president shall aid the president and act for her in case of temporary absence. In the event of the president's permanent absence, the vice-president shall assume the office of the president and the executive board shall appoint a successor to the vice-president.
C. The secretary shall keep records of each meeting, handle all correspondence (incoming and outgoing) and perform such duties as may pertain to her office.
D. The treasurer shall receive and record all monies from dues, projects, and other sources and pays out the same upon the approval of the organization and authorized by the president. She shall annually render in writing an account of the finances of the organization and deliver to her successor all monies, books and other property in her possession or under her control. A member shall audit the books prior to the April meeting of the following year.