Fillmore County Hospital Expands Paramedic Program

In an effort to expand and meet the needs of the emergency department, Fillmore County Hospital recently hired additional paramedics.  The paramedic service plays two vital roles that include providing significant ER coverage and patient transfers via ambulance to larger tertiary care medical centers.

The decision on whether or not to transfer a patient is made carefully by the provider and care team in the emergency department as well as the physician on call.  Fillmore County Hospital operates much like other rural hospitals in Nebraska in that a portion of patients that come through the emergency department are either treated and released home, admitted to the hospital, or transferred to a higher level of care at a larger tertiary care medical center.  When the decision has been made to transfer a patient, the FCH paramedics transfer the patients via the FCH ambulance, usually to a Lincoln or Omaha hospital.  On average Fillmore County Hospital sees around 150 patients per month in the Emergency Department.  An average of 12-18 of those patients require ambulance transfer to a higher level of care at another hospital, and 1-2 per month transfer via helicopter.  In the event Fillmore County Hospital’s ambulance is in route with a transport, they rely on other local transport services to provide seamless coverage for the county residents and surrounding communities.

Fillmore County Hospital has 3 paramedics on staff. Brad Nettleton, Chuck Gross, and Nate Chang have provided outstanding quality and brought valuable dimension to the hospital.  Brad was born and raised in Norfolk, NE and currently resides in Columbus with his wife and daughter. Brad finished top of the class in his paramedic training and has over 15 years of experience in critical care and flight paramedics. He has over 26 years of EMS experience. Chuck lives in Walnut, Iowa with his wife and has two kids. He graduated top of his class from University of Iowa Paramedic Program and has 31 years of EMS experience and 20 plus years of experience in critical care and flight paramedics. Nate is from Honolulu, HI but currently resides in Omaha, NE with his girlfriend and two dogs. He graduated from Creighton University and is also certified as a rhythm analysis technician. He has 6 plus years of EMS experience and 3 years of cardiac telemetry experience.

On Wednesday, September 20th, Fillmore County Hospital hosted an EMS meeting for Fillmore County. This event was led by paramedic, Brad Nettleton where he presented the course for Sepsis Awareness for area EMS Providers. This course provided paramedics two continuing education credits.

ER/Paramedic Supervisor