Board Members

Foundation Directors

Currently there are 14 active directors covering every town in Fillmore County. They meet every six weeks at noon. The directors are:

President, Jim Goering of Geneva
Vice President, Ralph Graham of Geneva
Secretary/Treasurer, Nancy Meyer of Geneva
Christin Lovegrove of Geneva
Todd Pribyl of Milligan
Joe Kamler of Shickley
Kelvin Jorgensen of Exeter
Howard Lefler of Fairmont
Penni Bruning of Bruning
Kathy Workentine of Grafton
Kate Harre of Exeter
Lisa Kimbrough of Ohiowa
Ruth Yoder of Bruning
Ryan Kness of Grafton

FCH Support Team:
Chris Nichols, CEO
Jeanne Ackland, Stephanie Jacobsen, Asst. Treasurer
Kim Gewecke, Hospital Liaison