Program Overview

Cancer rehabilitation is a multi-disciplinary approach to cancer care! It provides physical (physical therapy), psychological (behavioral health), vocational (occupational therapy), speech (speech/language pathologist), and nutritional (licensed dietitian) therapies to people diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer rehab is available prior, during and after treatment. Cancer rehab can benefit the patient by improving physical strength and endurance, psychological assistance in dealing with a cancer diagnosis and associated anxiety and depression, treatment and prevention of lymphedema, nutritional support and assistance with speech or swallowing difficulties associated with the disease and/or treatment. A cancer navigator is available throughout your treatment to frequently reassess the cancer patient’s needs throughout the treatment and after treatment.

Fillmore County Hospital is excited to offer these comprehensive services close to home!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a compassionate collaboration of physical, behavioral, occupational, and nutritional services to ensure that each patient achieves optimal strength and endurance, improving their quality of life, while recovering from cancer.

Vision Statement

To provide services before, during, and after cancer treatment close to home, in one location.
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