FCH Patient Testimonials

Nothing speaks louder than personal experience. On this page, we turn up the volume and let patients speak on behalf of Fillmore County Hospital. If you'd like to submit a testimonial about any positive experience you've had with Fillmore County Hospital, please contact us and let us know! YES, I WANT TO BE HEARD

Video Testimonials


"Moment of Truth"

Some people's lives are like a feather in the wind, carried from breeze to breeze, buffeted by events. Others travel a steady path they lay out for themselves, or one that fate or family bequeaths to them. But then there are others for whom their entire life comes down to a single instant that makes sense of all that occurred before and shapes everything that happens after. Perhaps this decisive second comes only to a few. Perhaps everyone has one...

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Thank you, Kim S (Behavioral Health)

Kim, thank you dearly for the very kind words and sympathy. I had the honor of speaking to the family about the wonderful change in Lora since she began her time with you and your Behavioral Health program. We all feel so relieved that Lora was able to spend her most recent time in a happy and involved temperament. She spoke of the joy of being herself again and how unhappy she was before. She had been very nervous about the possibility...

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To the Behavioral Health Staff

You believed in me, When I couldn't in myself. You told me it would get better, When I suspected only worse. You held me, When I couldn't touch myself. You showed me laughter, When all I did was cry inside. You guided me toward health, When all I seemed to have was sickness. You lived one day at a time, When I muddled through a lifetime. You flowed with courage, When I stagnated in fear. I prayed for death, You helped to let me live...

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To Those Who Follow Me

"Life is like a fruit on a tree, from a bloom to harvest"

In early February of this year, I had a check up with my local doctor and during the exam on some of the questions my emotions shown very much, in the form of tears, which I could not control. He asked if this had been going...

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Rich - Inpatient

Richard Mueller stayed at home for two days after a snowfall last February because he didn't want to fall on snow and ice. He's a social person, though, and the two long days felt like an eternity. So he went downtown to eat - snow or not - and shuffled carefully across the sidewalk to Overtime Grill and Lounge. He fell - hard -just as he entered. That one quick slip broke his right femur and stole the next year of his life...

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Jason & Lori - OB

Q: What was the deciding factor for you to have your children at Fillmore County Hospital?

A: I chose to have my children at FCH for the convenience of being in the town where we live and the great medical attention they provide. And I would recommend it to anyone. In all 3 of my deliveries, I felt as though my baby...

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Adam & Karrie - OB

Q: How often was your doctor/nurse available when you needed them?

A: Anytime I had a question about my baby or pregnancy, I called and they answered every time. They made me feel welcome too, like all my questions were important because I was important...

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Debra - Sleep Lab

For years, Debra felt tired. No matter how long she slept, she was sluggish. She couldn't enjoy time with her family!

She tried vitamins. Nothing helped. Family members told her she seemed to battle for air at night...

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