Sue Gelster MA, LIMHP, LPC

Mental Health Therapist

I am from West Point, NE.  I have lived in Geneva, NE since 2001.  My partner, Osman, and I have been together 25 years and we have one daughter together, Alena, who will be 14 in June.  We have a cat named Ziggy who is 17 years old and a black lab puppy named Lulu who is 3 months old.  Our house is full of chaos and love!

I received my undergraduate at UNL and had a double major in political science and psychology and double minor in African American studies and philosophy.  I received my Master’s degree from Doane College Lincoln Campus.  I am a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner (LIMHP).

I originally was on the path to attend law school when I took a Intro to Psych class at UNL my senior year as one of my electives.  I did a complete turnaround and decided to pursue Psychology instead and stayed a fifth year at UNL to complete this change.

I decided to go into mental health because I enjoy helping others and feel passionate about helping others to live their best lives.