FCH Construction Update


The Ambulance/Maintenance Garage is completed!  It was held up this past Fall due to a delay in the garage doors – a national supply chain issue.  We will begin full use of the building on February 1st with the FCH transport ambulance on site and the paramedics transitioning to the sleep rooms in the building.  The maintenance garage portion of the building is a long-overdue facility for the Maintenance and Building/Grounds department and will allow storage of equipment, work space, and potential for growth.

The hospital construction project continues mostly on schedule, except for a couple of delays in construction crews due to COVID.  Foundation, footings, and utilities are in place for the new pharmacy, new surgery addition, and new small boiler room addition.  A new employee parking lot addition was poured and is in use.  In the coming weeks, steel beams and roof decking will become visible in these areas.  The new Clinic addition, new Conference Center, and various internal remodel work will begin by Summer 2022.