Alanna Beckman M.D.


Dr. Alanna Beckman hails from a farm out in western Nebraska, however she graduated from Julesburg High School in Julesburg, CO. After high school, she attended Creighton University in Omaha where she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. From there, Alanna went on to the American University of the Caribbean in Cupecoy, Netherlands. Here she received her medical training. Finally, Dr. Beckman obtained her Doctor of Medicine Degree from St. Matthews University School of Medicine in Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands.

Once she had obtained her doctorate, it was time to flee the island life and head back to the Midwest. Dr. Beckman started her residency in the Lincoln Family Medical Program in Lincoln, NE. When she was done with her residency, she knew it was time to get back to rural Nebraska. “Geneva was just a good fit. I was looking for something rural that would allow me to practice the things I was most interested in. It’s also not far from Lincoln, where I did all of my training. I have a good base of specialists that I know personally up there. I can reach out to them whenever I need to for more difficult and challenging cases. That is extremely nice to have,” Beckman explained.

Dr. Beckman joined the team at the Fillmore County Medical Center along with her husband, Matthew Dunagan, RN, who happens to be the Operating Room Manager. She is a primary care physician, but also has a deep interest in obstetrics and gynecology. Ever since she can remember, Alanna wanted to be in the medical field. “My mom was a nurse. I guess I’ve always been drawn to the medical field. But, I wanted to be the one making the decisions and calling the shots,” she said. Alanna and her husband have settled into the rural lifestyle since arriving in Geneva in 2014. The happy couple have an 8 ½ month old son, James, who helps keep them busy when they aren’t working. Shortly after arriving in Geneva, they built a house in town. Dr. Beckman enjoys being a part of the Geneva community because “it’s a friendly community.” She also mentioned, “It just has a great vibe. I love the small town feel. I especially love the fact that I can go for a walk and see kids outside, riding their bikes, mowing, shooting hoops, etc.”

Although being a doctor can be very demanding, Dr. Beckman is still human. There are things she likes to do outside of her everyday life. “I really enjoy reading and traveling. Traveling is probably my favorite thing to do,” Alanna said. Not only that, but she also enjoys cooking. “I’ve gotten into using a pressure cooker lately. My favorite thing to cook right now is this Tai Chicken recipe I make in that,” she explained. So, if you’re having trouble mastering the pressure cooker, you may need some tips from one of your local health care physicians!

Alanna has no complaints when it comes to her life outside of the practice. In fact, she has only great things to say about her job as well. Regarding being a part of the Fillmore County Medical Center, she said “I like that Dr. Bespalec, the owner, really listens to us and takes our opinions into account. It’s nice to know your ideas and concerns actually mean something.” Dr. Beckman has always had an interest in family practice. She chose to become a family practice physician so she could treat the whole scope of practice. However, she also continues to enjoy her opportunities in women’s health care. When asked what makes her a unique doctor in Geneva, she said, “I am the only female physician here, which a lot of our patients like. I’m also to the most recent graduate, so I bring a new perspective to things. I have a lot to gain from our more experienced professionals here as well.”

This area of the state is fortunate to have several great rural clinics and hospitals flourishing. So what sets the Fillmore County Medical Center apart? Why should patients choose them? To this, Dr. Beckman replied, “We provide really good service and great follow up. I feel like we offer a very wide range of tests and treatments right here. We can take care of most problems here and the things we can’t take care of, we are well equipped to set them up with the care they need in a timely manner.” Of their patients, Alanna said, “I think they appreciate the care they get and they feel listened to by their providers. The facility is very nice and it caters to everyone, whether they are impaired or not.”

Anytime you go to the doctor’s office, you hope to get answers. You expect to be respected and treated like a human being, not just another patient. At Fillmore County Medical Center, you will get just that. You’ll get extraordinary care, along with a sense of security and comfort in knowing your concerns have been heard. All the ‘i’s will be dotted and the ‘t’s will be crossed. No question will go unanswered. If this is the care you are looking for, Fillmore County Medical Center is the place for you!