Dr. Widman, MD


Dr. Widman is from Omaha and currently resides in Lincoln with his wife, Julie, and two kids. He attended West Side High School and from there went to Washington University for his undergraduate degree. He completed his medical schooling at UNMC and did a combined residency with UNMC and Creighton University. He worked for two hospitals for 18 years but went out on his own as a solo psychiatrist 4 years ago. Outside of FCH, he mostly sees patients at nursing homes focusing on memory care and general psychiatry. Dr. Widman also works with a handful of athletes offering them high performance psychiatry through UNL and Creighton University.

At FCH, Dr. Widman’s primary focus is on the inpatient behavioral health unit but also oversees the structure of the outpatient program. In the inpatient behavioral health unit, Dr. Widman provides a high level of care to people 55 and older who have forms of dementia, associated mood and behavioral issues, and traditional anxiety and depression disorders.