Updated Visitor policy to Fillmore County Hospital


As of today, Monday March 7th, we are opening up our visitor guidelines back to “normal” for non-COVID patients on the inpatient floor.  COVID or COVID-pending patients still have restrictions and have not changed.  The Behavioral Health Unit still has restrictions and has not changed. 

If COVID activity increases again, we will revise at that time.

Changes to Visitation at Fillmore County Hospital


Fillmore County Hospital recognizes the important role that support people (spouses, parents, etc.) play in the care of our patients. Our goal is to allow visitors to be with their loved one while balancing the safety and health of our patients and staff. The pandemic continually challenges us to come up with new approaches to achieve this goal. COVID-19 activity has decreased in our service area and we believe it is now safe to relax some visitor restrictions.

The following are new guidelines to visitation on our medical inpatient areas:

  • No limitation to the number of visitors for non-COVID patients.
  • For maternity patients: No limit on healthy adults.  We request that siblings are the only children that visit.  
  • COVID+ or COVID pending: 1-2 healthy, fully vaccinated visitors per day. Proof of vaccination will be required. Appropriate PPE including mask, eye protection, gown and gloves must be worn.

                        Patient can fill out form for whom they want to visit.

                        Visitor provides proof of vaccination

                        Visitor gets green visitor pass

The following rules still apply:

  • All visitors will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 upon entry to the hospital and must wear a mask covering mouth and nose while in the facility.
  • Our inpatient behavioral health unit has always had a restricted visitor policy and is not changing at this time.
  • Special situations, such as end of life or palliative care, children who are hospitalized, dependent adults who are hospitalized, or obstetrics patients may be allowed more visitors than defined here.  Those decisions are at the discretion of the medical provider and care team.

Fillmore County Hospital understands the importance of visitors to the healing process; we are pleased to be able to relax restrictions. Please be aware that we may need to make changes again in the future, based on COVID-19 activity.  We will take the following factors into account in making decisions about visitor guidelines:

  • COVID-19 case rate in Fillmore County and surrounding area (from DHHS statistics)
  • Any outbreaks among staff
  • Directives from DHHS or our local health department