Frequently Asked Questions

Call our office 402.759.3192. You don’t need a referral from an outside provider. You can refer yourself to any of our services.

  • The individual receiving mental health services is considered the identified client. They are the leader of their treatment process. The provider will join with the identified client to identify additional individuals and/or services that should be included to help make progress towards treatment goals.
  • We believe that there is significant benefit in including as many members of your support team as you feel comfortable: which may include your primary care provider, medication management provider, etc.
  • When a minor is the identified client, we recommend participation by their guardian/caregiver. Support that can begin in the therapy office and then be carried over into the home environment provides the best outcomes.
  • When you call our office, one of our Mental Health Tech’s (MHT) will collect the following:
    • Name, Date of Birth, Contact Information, Primary Concern, Insurance Information
  • You will be added to our referral log.
  • You will be matched with a therapist and receive a call to set up your initial appointment.
  • Each of our services has initial paperwork to be reviewed and completed which includes: 
    • Patient Rights
    • Informed Consent
    • Demographic Information
    • Background Form
    • Standard Assessments (ex: PHQ-9, GAD-7, ACE, etc.)
  • You will be checked in by a Mental Health Tech (MHT) to alert your provider that you have arrived and are ready to be seen.
  • You will meet with your provider in a comfortable and private therapy room to complete an Initial Diagnostic Interview (IDI). This interview includes a full background assessment and supplemental assessments which assists the therapist in joining with you to identify areas of need and begin the treatment planning process.
  • Together, You and your provider will develop a plan of treatment. The treatment plan will guide your course of therapy and define specific goals to meet your needs. The treatment plan includes interventions and treatment frequency, recommendations, referrals and plans for discharge.
  • Treatment Plan Reviews are completed by you and your provider to identify progress, barriers, and updated plans for treatment. Frequency of treatment plans reviews are service specific.

The goal of every therapy experience is a successful discharge from services with completion of treatment goals. Anticipated discharge will be discussed in every treatment plan review. Plans for discharge will be discussed by you and your provider.

FCH can accept most third-party payments and ‘private pay’ individuals. If you have questions about your specific insurance coverage, please call our office and speak to one of our billing specialists.

  • We have a therapist on-call to provide crisis management 24/7. You and/or a support person can call 402.759.3192 and ask to speak to the therapist on-call. The therapist will assist by answering questions and providing brief intervention and recommendations.
  • If it is an emergency, dial 9-1-1 or go to your nearest Emergency Department.

We are here to help. If something we are doing is not helpful to you, please talk directly to your provider about it. Most resolutions can be made there. If you cannot agree on a solution with your provider, please present your concern to your provider’s supervisor.