Emergency Services

Our Emergency Department is here to serve patients from Fillmore County and surrounding communities, 24/7.  We are comprised of 2 large trauma rooms and a triage room. We have the latest technology, that allows our highly trained staff to care for all patient needs and interact, live, with an E-Care physician.  Our emergency staff are all trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support. 

Equipped with the latest in emergency medical equipment, our highly trained staff can handle all medical and trauma emergencies. 

We offer 24hour diagnostic services, that include lab, x-ray and CT services, to assist us in diagnosing problems, quickly, while providing the very best treatment.  We are a collaborative team of highly trained physicians, physician assistants, registered nurses and paramedics, who work to stabilize our patients and if the need arises, arrange transport to a higher level of care.  

It is our privilege to work with the local EMS departments, providing continued training, throughout the year, in effort to strengthen our entire emergency team.

Brad Nettleton

EMT-Paramedic Emergency Services Manager