The Pharmacy team at FCH is responsible for ensuring optimal medication use and safety throughout the hospital.  We work closely with your healthcare team to improve care and provide clinical pharmacy services. Clinical services include, but are not limited to:

  • Checking for allergies to medications
  • Determining the safest dose of medication for your age and medical condition
  • Monitoring laboratory results and pharmacokinetic monitoring
  • Coordination with your provider and care team

Pain Management- We focus on an interdisciplinary team approach to provide compassionate services to decrease pain, encourage coping strategies and improve function and quality of life.

Contact: (402) 759-4076 or

Valerie Poppert, Pharm.

Director of Clinical Services, PharmD

Holly Seward, PharmD


Tawnia Lee, CPhT

Certified Pharmacy Technician

To help ensure medication safety, please bring a LIST of your current prescription and non-prescription medications when coming to the hospital.