Cancer Rehab

Our Program

Hope Cancer Rehab is a multi-disciplinary approach to cancer care! It provides physical (physical therapy), psychological (behavioral health), vocational (occupational therapy), and nutritional (licensed dietitian) therapies to people diagnosed with cancer. 

Cancer rehab is available prior, during and after treatment. Cancer rehab can benefit the patient by improving physical strength and endurance, psychological assistance in dealing with a cancer diagnosis and associated anxiety and depression, treatment and prevention of lymphedema, nutritional support and assistance with speech or swallowing difficulties associated with the disease and/or treatment. A cancer navigator is available throughout your treatment to frequently reassess the cancer patient’s needs throughout the treatment and after treatment.

Fillmore County Hospital is excited to offer these comprehensive services close to home.

Services Include

Speech Therapy

Speech-language pathologists can help people improve their cognition and help those who are having trouble remembering details, concentrating, finishing tasks, multi-tasking, recalling words, being organized and maintaining daily calendars of events. Along with cognitive rehabilitation, speech-language pathologists can help with swallowing and voice restoration.


Lymphedema is a very common and serious condition, it occurs if the lymphatic system becomes insufficient and is unable to perform its normal functions. The result is an abnormal accumulation of water and proteins principally in the subcutaneous tissues. Lymphedema is most commonly present in the extremities.

Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) is the therapy of choice for most patients suffering from lymphedema. CDT is a non-invasive, multi-component approach to treat lymphedema and related conditions. The goal in lymphedema management is to reduce the swelling and to maintain the reduction.

Partnering with A Time to Heal

A Time to Heal (ATTH) offers innovative wellness recovery programs and ongoing support for cancer survivors and family caregivers, helping them regain physical and psychological strength. The programs assist people who have just finished cancer treatment; whose cancer has reoccurred, or who have chronic or metastatic cancer.

Programs are research-based, using proven strategies that enhance nutrition, exercise, relationships and emotional strength. This mind-body-spirit model empowers participants to make personal choices that enable them to live well, with or after cancer.

To find out start dates for our next available course please contact Sue Keenan at (402) 759-4924 or

Volunteer Services

We are always looking for volunteers to help. Our hope is to grow as a community and provide support for those affected by cancer. You can get involved as a volunteer in many ways but a few examples include:


Providing Meals

Donating Gas Cards

Assisting with Errands

Our volunteer program is lead by our head volunteer, Pat Gewecke. When a patient is in need of a service they should contact Pat and from there she will get in contact with the volunteer group to match a volunteer to the service requested. Contact Pat at p. (402) 759-4061 or c. (402) 759-1336.


We understand having a cancer diagnosis can be a difficult transition for you and your family. To lessen the financial burden on you and your loved ones we have funding available. Fillmore County Hospital Tumor Tackler’s was started in 2008 and since raised over $100,000. Tumor Tackler’s consists of volunteer hospital employees that hold annual fundraisers.

Funding can be used for but is not limited to the following items: Non-covered medical necessities like lymphedema Sleeves or a  walker, dietary supplements, travel expenses related to FCH services or cosmetic items like a wig, scarf, etc.

To learn more information about our funding guidelines and application please download our program overview and see pages 14-15.