Val Poppert

Director of Pharmacy

Pharmacy is more than just a job to me; I feel that it is a purpose. I grew up in Bertrand, Nebraska and I became interested in Pharmacy during High School.  I continued my education at the University of Nebraska Lincoln in Pre-Pharmacy and graduated in 1994 with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha.  I have worked in Retail and Long-Term Care, but my true passion is Hospital Pharmacy. My love for Hospital Pharmacy began in pharmacy school when I worked in the Inpatient Pharmacy at UNMC. In addition to UNMC, I have worked in the hospital setting at Mary Lanning Hospital in Hastings, Thayer County Health Services in Hebron and have been at FCH since 2007.  

I have been blessed to be able to shape the way that I practice pharmacy here at FCH.  I work closely with the providers, nurses and paramedics to ensure the correct medication therapy is ordered for the medical condition; which includes the correct dose and frequency (by reviewing labs, patient age & weight, and kidney and liver function).  Because so many other aspects of care; like nutrition, infection control, therapy, mental health, & billing, coincide with pharmacy, I am lucky to be able to work with every department in the hospital to coordinate and provide the best experience for the patient.

I love that at FCH, I have been able to serve our patients while being able to raise my family and be active in the school, church and community.  I live in Geneva with my husband, Clark, two dogs and our cat. Our daughter, Megan, is a Speech-Language Pathologist and our son, Aaron, is in college at Nebraska Wesleyan and our son, Ryan, is in college at Iowa State University.