Vaccination Phase 1A to Begin at FCH

FCH has been notified that we will receive a limited allotment of the Moderna vaccine early next week (week of the 21st).  This is pending Moderna’s FDA request for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) that could be granted on Sunday the 20th.  This means that FCH will likely be able to begin Phase 1A of the … Read more

COVID 19: Letter to the Public

Dear patrons of Fillmore County Hospital, As COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to rise in our community and in our state, I am deeply troubled as to what the future may bring unless we take additional preventative measures. Fillmore County Hospital is vital to this community; however, the impacts of this pandemic are putting both … Read more

COVID-19: Understanding Exposure

These illustrations are color coded like a stoplight. Like the kids’ song: “Green means Go, Yellow means Slow (Caution), Red means Stop, StoP, STOP!” There are four sets of images. The first two explain exposure and who is at risk. This hopefully will answer “Why doesn’t person X need to quarantine” or “What about an … Read more

DHM REminder

Just a reminder- Fillmore County remains under a Directed Health Measure through June 3oth.  Please click on this link to read the Directed Health Measure, including information about Quarantine and Isolation

Important Covid-19 Update

On Wednesday the 10th, we were notified that two of our FCH employees tested positive for COVID-19.  These employees work in a non-clinical (office) area and have no contact with patients – they are not doctors, nurses, therapists, medical technicians, etc.  They are presently self-isolating at home until the public health department and their primary … Read more

Fillmore County Hospital Visitor Guidelines Effective Monday, June 8, 2020

PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE GUIDELINES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME BASED ON COVID-19 ACTIVITY IN OUR AREA Patients with COVID-19  NO visitor/support person is allowed for patients with a pending COVID-19 test or a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis Patients admitted to hospital/placed in observation that do not have COVID-19 and are not being tested … Read more

What to expect for your elective procedure

COVID-19 Pre-procedure Testing All patients having an elective procedure requiring sedation will be required to have a COVID-19 test between 3 and 5 days prior to your scheduled procedure. The doctor performing your procedure will order this and you will receive a call to schedule your test. This test will most often occur at Fillmore … Read more