Updated Visitor policy to Fillmore County Hospital

As of today, Monday March 7th, we are opening up our visitor guidelines back to “normal” for non-COVID patients on the inpatient floor.  COVID or COVID-pending patients still have restrictions and have not changed.  The Behavioral Health Unit still has restrictions and has not changed.  If COVID activity increases again, we will revise at that … Read more

FCH Construction Update

The Ambulance/Maintenance Garage is completed!  It was held up this past Fall due to a delay in the garage doors – a national supply chain issue.  We will begin full use of the building on February 1st with the FCH transport ambulance on site and the paramedics transitioning to the sleep rooms in the building.  … Read more

Updated Guidance for Visitors to Fillmore County Hospital

COVID activity is very high in our area at this time. Although visitation is allowed, we are discouraging people from visiting patients in the hospital.  This is for your protection as well as the protection of our patients and staff. If your visit is essential, we ask that you wear a procedure mask rather than … Read more

FCH Plans for Expansion, Remodel

We are excited to announce that FCH plans to move forward with a much needed expansion and remodel plan.  The FCH Board of Trustees recently approved the plan that has been in the planning phase for the past 2.5 years.  The need for expansion stems from growth – growth in the number of services offered … Read more

Changes to Visitation at Fillmore County Hospital

Effective Friday, August 20th 2021 Fillmore County Hospital recognizes the important role that support people (spouses, parents, etc.) play in the care of our patients. Our goal is to allow visitors to be with their loved one while balancing the safety and health of our patients and staff. The pandemic continually challenges us to come … Read more

5/20/21: Update on Masking and Screening

We have recently fielded a lot of questions from the public on FCH’s policies on screening and masking upon entry into our facility. We want to clarify that although the CDC recently revised their recommendations to relax requirements on masking and social distancing on fully vaccinated people, they clearly stated that this relaxation does not … Read more