COVID-19 Update 3-19-20


One week ago, FCH implemented a verbal screening process for all people entering the facility.  Today, we are restricting access to our cafeteria to staff, patients, and visitors only.  General public who come just to use our cafeteria will not be allowed for the time being until this situation resolves.  We appreciate your understanding with this as it has assured our patients, staff, and visitors that we are minimizing the risk of exposure during this time.   We will continue to provide you with updates if our screening process were to change or become more restrictive in the days ahead.  Again, thank you for understanding and complying with the precautions that we are taking at this time.

Additionally, in the past few days we implemented travel and return to work recommendations using guidelines directly from the CDC, DHHS, and Public Health for our own workforce.  We created a process to ensure the safety of our own workers, our patients, our staff, and our community. As the guidelines from CDC state, if a healthcare worker has traveled to a place where there is widespread transmission (CDC Level 3 Countries plus U.S. locales such as Seattle, New York City, and Santa Clara County in CA), we would immediately enact a self-quarantine procedure.  If they have traveled to other areas that are not deemed as high risk, if they are symptom free they will likely be allowed to return to work after consult and screening with our infection control nurses.  We wish to thank our employees for being extremely vigilant about communicating where they plan to go and where they’ve been prior to returning to work to allows us to properly screen them prior to returning to work.