Michelle Dorsey, PA-C

Physician assistant

Not every medical professional feels like they are called to the medical field at a young age. It took our next featured physician assistant several years and a lot of traveling to finally get her mind set on joining the field. Michelle Dorsey came to Geneva from Gordon, NE, where she graduated high school. After four years at Nebraska Wesleyan University, Dorsey took some time off to do a little traveling and scientific research.

She first spent some time in New Zealand and then headed to South Africa. “Both places are beautiful, but in very different ways. I loved the lifestyle in New Zealand and the diversity in South Africa,” she recalled. While in New Zealand she researched ovarian follicle development. She worked in the laboratory of a reproductive clinic in South Africa. Michelle returned to the states and worked for a short while before she needed a new adventure. So, off she went to Japan to teach English. She was there for a little over a year before she found her true calling.

Dorsey returned home after her time in Japan and applied to physician assistant (PA) programs. “I had planned to get my PhD in research. But, while working in the labs, I realized I missed the interaction with patients. I didn’t want to be behind the scenes in the lab anymore. I wanted to work directly with patients,” she described. She was accepted at Philadelphia University, so she and her husband, Aaron, packed up and headed east. She obtained a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies and immediately got a job in a family practice outside of Philly. She practiced there for three years, their first son was born, and life was great. However, something was still missing. Although they were enjoying their time out east, being away from their families was extremely difficult. So, they decided to pack up again and move back to Nebraska. That’s when Michelle got the job at the Fillmore County Medical Center.

When searching for opportunities in Nebraska, Dorsey was looking for a small town, much like the one she grew up in, that was still close to Lincoln. Geneva was a perfect fit. Being a part of the FCMC has been a great experience for Dorsey. She said, “The relationships we have as a staff are wonderful. It’s like a family. We all look out for one another and work really well together.” Michelle noted that the patients are the most enjoyable part of being a PA. “It all comes down to the patients. I love the challenges each one brings. Every patient is so different, so listening to their concerns and trying to figure out ways to fix their problems is fun. The daily interaction with them is my favorite thing, “Dorsey explained. She also loves being a part of the family practice side of things. “I enjoy getting to see the same patients often, so I get to form relationships and watch them grow. That is very rewarding,” she commented. Michelle makes sure her patients feel like they are being heard. She always tries to spend enough time with each and every one of them. “I want to make sure I address all of their questions and make them feel like they’ve accomplished something too. I try to always be welcoming and approachable,” Dorsey said.

When Dorsey isn’t in the clinic trying to solve problems, she loves spending time with her family. Her husband, Aaron, works at the Postal Service. The couple have two boys, Oliver (5) and Elliot (2), and just recently welcomed a baby girl into the family. They reside in Geneva. In her free time, Michelle enjoys cooking and trying new recipes and ingredients. “I love to have a cooking project where I spend the whole day in the kitchen,” she admitted.

As for the clinic, Dorsey says it’s a great place for patients to receive the care they need. It is unique in that it is attached to the hospital in Geneva. “I think that makes us unique in a good way. We are separate entities, but we work and collaborate really well. That certainly is a bonus when it comes to treating patients the right way,” Dorsey explained. On top of that, add a nice, new, clean environment with caring and knowledgeable providers and you’ve got yourself one heck of a place to go for all your medical needs.