Annette Marget APRN

Psychiatric APRN- BH Provider

I received my BSN in 1974 from UNMC and my entire RN career has been in Geriatrics. I earned my MSN in 2001 as a Family Nurse Practitioner and went to work in that role in an acute psych facility. As I was asked to do more psych work, I decided to go back to school and get a post masters certificate in Psych. That was completed in 2007. 

I have also worked in a private psychiatric clinic with another psychiatrist and a therapist and then my most recent employment prior to coming to Fillmore County was with a very large practice in Lincoln. 

I began working at Fillmore County Hospital in the inpatient unit in December 2017 while I was still doing telehealth from home for the Nebraska Department of Corrections.