Emilee – LICSW

Mental Health Therapist - Social worker

Emilee grew up in the Fillmore/Thayer county area and she and her husband, Alex, and their dog, Minnie, now reside in the Geneva area.  Emilee is a Shickley Public School graduate.  She furthered her education at Nebraska Wesleyan University earning her Bachelors in Social Work.  Emilee later attended graduate school at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and was bestowed a Masters in Social Work.  She then obtained her Licensure in Social Work in 2017.

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Emilee’s interest in the field of Social Work sparked when her grandmother was ill with cancer.  During her grandmother’s hospitalizations, Emilee was drawn to how the social workers were able to bring a little ray of sunshine to family by listening to the family’s concerns and questions.  Emilee was fortunate to witness the collaboration between social work, family, and other departments utilizing problem solving skills, empathy, and communication.

Emilee is passionate about her job because the world of social work is multifaceted and can aid in many situations.  Fillmore County Hospital is unique as it is one of the few hospitals in Nebraska that offers integrated health care.  This is a benefit to those residing in rural Nebraska.  Emilee thoroughly enjoys collaborating with the various departments and working as a team to make sure that patient care is our top priority.