Kim Schroeder, MA, LIMHP

Mental Health Therapist

Kim is originally from West Des Moines, IA by way of New Jersey, by way of Kansas City. She has a big, beautiful, and diverse blended family, and she is proud to be a part of it. They may not always do things the right way but they do things with a great deal of humor and a healthy dose of humility. Kim attended Doane College in Lincoln, NE. She has worked with elders the majority of her career but never really found the right fit. She knew that she wanted to have a bigger impact on their quality of life and realized that being a therapist gave her the opportunity to do that.

 Kim is passionate about her career because she has so much respect for and feels such a connection with our society’s elders. She wants them to experience the sense of purpose, value, and belonging that they have earned, but she feels they get short changed sometimes. As a licensed professional, she belies that she has the ability to promote and advocate for changes in our societal beliefs, practices, and policies regarding aging. FCH is one of few hospitals that offers integrated care, there are many benefits to this type of health care. Kim is extremely grateful for how progressive our hospital is in regards to treating the WHOLE PERSON. We have an amazing administrative team that sees how important it is to see where our patients are and meet them there, which truly promotes individual wellness.

Specialty: Geriatric mental health

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