Physical Therapy

Here at Filmore County Physical Therapy, our therapist and staff strive to give you the best optimal care for your everyday life.  We are here for you to be able to provide high quality care and wide variety of services, here at home from aquatic therapy to state of the art balance training.

Services Offered

Aquatic therapy: Aquatic therapy combines heat, buoyancy and massage to relax your body and provide optimal recovery and tolerance to activity. Many times it hurts to exercise, ride a bike or even walk. The aquatic environment allows you to exercise in reduced pain environment to improve joint mobility, strength and function.  The warm immersion allows body temperature to rise, dilating blood vessels and providing a perfect environment of healing, exercise and natural resistance from the water

Balance and Fall prevention: Falls are a leading cause of serious injury, in some circumstances death, and loss of independence among the aging population.Falling, however, is not a normal age-related change. Unsteadiness could be a result of an orthopedic injury, arthritis, following a stroke, weakness and many other things. We have state of the art balance master to help assess balance disorders that can help guide treatment to improve your balance and reduce fall risk. Though we have state of the art equipment, sometimes a simple conversation or exercise can make all the difference and were here to help you achieve that goal.

Gait Training

Functional exercise: Flexibility and strength are crucial components to leading a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is the foundation of physical therapy and our therapists will create an individualized program to maximize your potential and recovery. We will set you up with the tools to continue beyond therapy as well.

Geriatric Rehabiliation

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization: This technique utilizes multiple instruments or tools to assess and treat any areas of soft tissue restrictions. The instruments allow practitioners to determine the appropriate use and pressure used to break up the restrictions. It can help a wide variety of issues from low back pain, headaches, knee pain and so much more. FCH, staff is certified in Graston.  

Modalities: AT FCH we offer a variety of modalities that aid in your rehabilitation and physical therapy plan of care. Some modalities offered are E-stim, ultrasound, cervical and lumbar traction, moist heat, cold pack compression and others. 

Back to work training/Sports injuries

Vestibular training: Vestibular disorders can often times be nauseating, frustrating and negatively impact ones day-to-day life. Conditions such as vertigo and dizziness can be treated by our trained staff. Our staff will be able to assess your condition and provide a course of treatment to help reduce that dizziness.



Bryan has 7 years of experience as a physical therapist. He graduated from Creighton University in Omaha, NE. He also performs aquatic therapy, outpatient therapy, and outpatient and inpatient treatment. Making therapy fun yet beneficial is one aspect he loves about working with kids.

Jaci Nichols, MPT

Jaci is a high school graduate from Centura High School. She graduated from Hastings College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. She went on to receive her Masters of Physical Therapy from Idaho St. University. Jaci has been in physical therapy for 18 years working in a variety of settings including inpatient, skill care, acute rehab, home health, and outpatient balance/mobility clinic.

Maddie Taylor, PTA

Maddie was born and raised in Geneva and graduated from Fillmore Central High School. She received her Bachelor’s in exercise science from Nebraska Wesleyan. She then received her Associates in PTA from Clarkson College in Omaha. Maddie has been working at FCH as a PTA for 7 years. She is also certified in Graston. Her favorite part about her job is working with and treating people she grew up around!